“Most Entrepreneurial Men become creatively strangled, socially isolated & time-trapped by their enterprise.

Primal Visions is a unique event that breaks this pattern, bringing men together to be exalted in their Highest Creative Vibration”

2017 dates are complete.

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A Question Or Two…

Are you a LEADER, CREATIVE or ENTREPRENEUR who is here to do big things in the world?

Do you have an ALLERGY TO MEDIOCRITY, and find it impossible to settle for second place in anything you do?

Are you looking for an edge in life? – a chance to flip the switch of your CREATIVE GENIUS?

Do you wish to tear down the matrix of life and hit the RESET BUTTON to reality?

Are you craving to reconnect with your deepest WHY and the true LEGACY you were put on this earth to manifest?

Sound Familiar?

The SLAUGHTERHOUSE of MEDIOCRITY is always attempting to enslave the most innovative and original of us.

The MOUSE-WHEEL of REPETITION renders us numb and impotent whenever we fall asleep to our unconscious habitual nature.

The COGS of OUR CREATION will eventually chew us up whenever we lose sight of our most inspired VISION.

And unless that GLASS CEILING eventually breaks, we will find ourselves battered and bruised in a pit of frustration.

Tell me when you’ve had enough…

I Hear You…

My name is Sol Sebastian and I know how it feels to push hard against the consensual reality of life, and the radical success and failure that comes with PERSONAL REINVENTION.

Since the mid 90’s I have been working with thousands of men from all over the world, giving them the tools to REWRITE HIS LIFE SCRIPT in the face of his most unconscious habits and distractions.

Within Man there is an ATOMIC POTENCY – one that can either melt down or power up the planet. 

My life’s work has been in the pursuit of understanding this nature at its core, while navigating our way towards our own unique style of creative genius that liberates our self, our community and our world.

What Is Primal Visions ?

PRIMAL VISIONS is a leading edge Mastermind / Vision Quest for Men who are Leaders, Creatives & Entrepreneurs.

You are invited to join these men on the journey of a lifetime into the heart of the most game rich place on the planet – the Okavango Delta, Botswana.

2017 dates are complete.

For PRIVATE COACHING & EVENTS Please contact Sol for further information at:


Africa In The Raw

Each day you will be led by highly experienced guides throughout the Delta by foot, by boat and by 4wd, experiencing the African wildness in its rawest form.

Food & Camping

Each day our highly experienced porters will be setting up camp and preparing delicious meals so we can focus on the journey and our work together..

Morning Chi Kung for Men

You will be given advanced morning practices recalibrating your mind and body into a profoundly receptive state of being and a deeper connection to the environment.

Intuitive Group Synergy

You will be deeply engaged in a MASTER-mind of Intuitive Group Synergy – a field of wisdom and perspectives far greater than you could ever find in isolation.

White Water Rafting

The last 2 days will be spend on an overnight Grade 5+ white water rafting tour along the Great Zambezi River starting at the mighty Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls Hotel

The grand finale of this 2 week journey will be a night dining at the famous Boma Restaurant before bedding down in the 5-star Victoria Falls Hotel. 

Whats next…

Primal Visions is not for everyone and the following process is required to make sure that each member is 100% dedicated to expanding his influence and stepping into a bigger game. If your application is successful you will be sent further details.

2017 dates are complete.

For PRIVATE COACHING & EVENTS Please contact Sol for further information at:


Sol is a gifted guide and gatekeeper who will show you the path to a deeper, wiser, and more alive masculinity.  He has studied the secrets of deep manhood from the masters and reveal the treasure in your own heart.

I’ve trained with Sol over many years, and I can tell you, he’s the real deal. His teachings embody wisdom, passion and integrity

William Whitecloud, Founder - Natural Success Academy

I get Sol’s message not just in my head, but in my body. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Ed Fell, MKP Elder

Sol is a very powerful counsellor and mentor. The insights that he has provided me these past 6-8 months could have taken me 10-20 years to figure out on my own, possibly my whole life. .

Daniel O'kane, Actor - Vancouver

‘Know Thyself’, is written at the entrance of the greek temple of Apollo and anybody working with Sol will definitely get to know thyself in a big way! 

Anders, Artist - Denmark

Since working with Sol I now have a dream – a powerful and clear vision of what I want to create in my life and the tools to make this a reality.

Simon, Germany